What I’ve been up to

Besides sitting around and eating bon bon’s (yeah, like that ever happens!) I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time designing a High School library’s website. Challenging would be a good word to describe my experience with it.

Having nothing to do with the content (found a ton of really cool websites that I’ve never heard of before), or the people I worked with (Ilene was awesome to have as a client!), the issue came in with the software that I had to work with. Or should I say, work around.

The software, that apparently many schools use to design their websites, is asinine to say the least. It’s a WYSIWYG format (what you see is what you get), which is supposed to be user friendly. Unfortunately this software wasn’t friendly to anyone! From glitches and bugs to ghost coding that would show up out of no where, this software was a complete nightmare.The worst part…I tried working with it for a month before I threw my hands in the air and decided to rebel against it. If you can’t work with it, work around it.

Thanks to my new bff Dreamweaver I was able to code my website, paste it in around all the necessary code that had to remain and get exactly what I wanted.

The result–a happy Sarah and most importantly a happy client.

RHSDL website


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  1. Wow, that website looks great! How do I get in contact with you to do my website?

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