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Wedding Memories 11•11•11

Our wedding was the happiest day of my life, and it all went by so fast! So obviously I love looking back at our photos from that day. I am thrilled to share a few special moments from our day. These photos were taken by Briane Morse of Essence Photography; she is absolutely amazing!

The General Warren Inne

The General Warren Inne - the site of our wedding on 11•11•11

front of The General Warren Inne

Having my makeup done by the amazing, Nikki Evans!

my bridal bouquet

my engagement ring

the before shot... Brian hadn't seen me yet


Our wedding rings - my gorgeous platinum ring belonged to Brian's Great Grandmother, she wed in 1926. It now has her and her husbands initials and wedding date engraved, and ours.

I immersed myself in designing all the details of our wedding. Here is the place card design, and the cork place card holders that Brian made.

My mom took this one, looking down on us as we were having our photos taken before hand. (note that the date on the photo is wrong...nice one Mom) 🙂

I made this as a gift for Brian. A verse from one of his favorite movies, The Princess Bride.

My fabulous, glittery shoes!

This is our quaint setup for dinner. A wedding of just 22... perfection.

Our moms put the center pieces together for us the day before.

I put together welcome baskets for our guests that stayed overnight at the Inne. Water, cookies, popcorn, tissues, and hand sanitizer...the esentials of course!

Right after our ceremony, Brian and I escaped to the bar for a quick drink and some time to ourselves before heading down to cocktail hour.

The wedding favors were Philadelphia LOVE mugs, filled with nonpareli candies and hand dipped dark chocolate pretzels that I made a few nights before.

Brian had these custom jersey's made for us and his mentor and our dear friend, Phil Trip, who married us.

The next morning, no worse for wear! I surprised Brian by making these day after wedding t-shirts.

Costa Rica or Bust!

Costa Rica or Bust!


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I’ve been away for quite a while and yes, I have a very good excuse…weddings take up a great deal of time, you see. Yes, I got married! Quite exciting, and a pretty big deal if I do say so.

Here are some photos, taken by Briane of Essence Photography. She is amazing at what she does, and such a sweetheart! She also took our engagement photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over the next week or so I’ll post the designs that I did for our wedding.

  • Our logo
  • save the dates
  • invites
  • menus
  • place cards (and Brian made the place card holders!)
  • shirts (there’s a photo of us in our T-shirts on our way to Costa Rica above)
  • and finally the Thank You cards.

Part of me is so happy to have the stress of the wedding behind us, but there is that other part that is just loved designing everything right down to the last detail, and I miss it. I have the bug…so now I am doing the design work for my best friend, Jen. She will be married exactly 364 days after we were, November 10, 2012. Good thing she got engaged…or else I wouldn’t know what to do!

Stay tuned…

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Freebie Friday!

In an effort to provide useful and functional things, I have designed this free recipe card download using original designs from my “Kitchen Stuff” poster.

The recipe cards will print two 4×6 cards per 8.5×11 sheet of paper. I would recommend using heavier weight paper so your recipe cards last longer.

Here they are in orange, red, and teal. If you would prefer a different color, simply post your request in a comment on the blog. I’ll see what I can do. I’m nice that way.

free recipe cards example

click here to download the recipe cards in Orange

click here to download the recipe cards in Red

click here to download the recipe cards in Teal

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A web design for Dae Design

It’s taken months, but the DDG website is just about ready to launch! *insert cheers and hooray’s here*

As you can see in the new banner above, the logo is finalized. This might sound odd to anyone who has never tried designing for themselves, but designing for my own business was quite possibly the most challenging work I have done to date. I’ve included a screen shot of what’s to come.

After staring my beautiful mac screen for what seems like weeks on end, I am now tired. I need to socialize with real human beings again and spend some time outside in the sunshine and fresh air. It also happens to be kind of a big weekend for me. Saturday I’ll be turning 30. I can’t think of a better birthday gift to have given myself than this website. Or perhaps the real gift is completing it before my birthday so I can enjoy the day with friends.

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What I’ve been up to

Besides sitting around and eating bon bon’s (yeah, like that ever happens!) I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time designing a High School library’s website. Challenging would be a good word to describe my experience with it.

Having nothing to do with the content (found a ton of really cool websites that I’ve never heard of before), or the people I worked with (Ilene was awesome to have as a client!), the issue came in with the software that I had to work with. Or should I say, work around.

The software, that apparently many schools use to design their websites, is asinine to say the least. It’s a WYSIWYG format (what you see is what you get), which is supposed to be user friendly. Unfortunately this software wasn’t friendly to anyone! From glitches and bugs to ghost coding that would show up out of no where, this software was a complete nightmare.The worst part…I tried working with it for a month before I threw my hands in the air and decided to rebel against it. If you can’t work with it, work around it.

Thanks to my new bff Dreamweaver I was able to code my website, paste it in around all the necessary code that had to remain and get exactly what I wanted.

The result–a happy Sarah and most importantly a happy client.

RHSDL website

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Vintage USA , Orange

Vintagy USA Avacado

In honor of how awesome the USA is preforming at the 2010 Olympics, I decided to share my Vintagy USA poster prints.  The original is a whopping 22×28, since I think maps should be big. It can be printed smaller though. More colors to come.

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The first of my “Things” poster print series

Kitchen Stuff

“Kitchen Stuff”

Other prints that are in development:
Bathroom Stuff, keys, tools, and a few others that are still mulling around in my head.

Want one? Stay tuned for my online shop. Email me if you want one now.

Have an idea for a “things” poster print? Let me know, if I use your idea I’ll send you a full size poster, on me!

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