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If I were more organized, I would be a better person…

This is a phrase that I often hear that little voice inside my head uttering. When I look at a pile of mail, stack of magazines, stuff that needs to be put away, this is what I hear.

Why am I convinced that I would be a better person? Because clutter and disorganization makes me irritable. I get frustrated because I can’t find things. Right now I can’t find a spa gift certificate – ironically that is the very thing that could relax me. I swear that I just saw it…about a month ago…right there.

So what is my block…why don’t I just up and organize myself to avoid all the frustration? I need the right tools to get organized. I need the right containers, files, boxes, etc. I’m in what seems like an endless search for the perfect tools.

I’m going to start filing (here) when I find just the right thing. Then slowly I will purchase them, and eventually I will be a better (and more organized) person.

What are your favorite tools for staying organized?


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