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An organized list

In my effort to become a better person (a.k.a. more organized), I have come across some great resources that I want to share. These are sites that I visit to get organization inspiration. One of these days its bound to rub off on me…right?

  • i heart organizing – she’s already a better person…great tips and photos here to inspire you to be more organized. Try not to feel too inferior…she’s pretty amazing.
  • The Family Handyman – This is one link that I’m going to leave up on my computer and just wait for my husband to get the hint.
  • Simple Organized Living – Andrea has thought of everything! She has organizing tips for everything you ever wish someone would give you tips on!


Do you have go-to blogs or sites to get your organization inspiration on? Let me know in the comments!


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I’ve been away for quite a while and yes, I have a very good excuse…weddings take up a great deal of time, you see. Yes, I got married! Quite exciting, and a pretty big deal if I do say so.

Here are some photos, taken by Briane of Essence Photography. She is amazing at what she does, and such a sweetheart! She also took our engagement photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over the next week or so I’ll post the designs that I did for our wedding.

  • Our logo
  • save the dates
  • invites
  • menus
  • place cards (and Brian made the place card holders!)
  • shirts (there’s a photo of us in our T-shirts on our way to Costa Rica above)
  • and finally the Thank You cards.

Part of me is so happy to have the stress of the wedding behind us, but there is that other part that is just loved designing everything right down to the last detail, and I miss it. I have the bug…so now I am doing the design work for my best friend, Jen. She will be married exactly 364 days after we were, November 10, 2012. Good thing she got engaged…or else I wouldn’t know what to do!

Stay tuned…

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Valentine’s Day Freebies

Valentines Day is upon us, and if you’re like me, you haven’t done a darn thing about it yet. Here are a few FREEBIES (from a few of my fav. blogs) to help you out.

Alma over at Ollibird has created these funny bird valentines, free for downloading and printing! She also included some free twitter backgrounds.

OllieBird's Free Valentines

Emily of Orange Beautiful designed a lovely, downloadable template for this teeny tiny box.
Fill it with teeny tiny candies or just say it’s filled with love. 😉
Get the template from Daily Candy, here.


This is cute idea from paper n’ stitch blog. Stamp a love letter on some scrap fabric and wrap it around an old spool.

Unraveling a Letter {diy}

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What’s in a name?

I thought I would use today’s post to explain “Dae,” from Dae Design Group.

A long time ago a little boy met a little girl named, Alma Jean Daetsch. He went home and told his parents that he was going to marry that girl. As the years past and they grew up together, he began to call her “Dae,” which was short for, Daetsch, her last name.

More time went by and they did get married and they had 5 children. They named their second daughter, Deborah Dae. She is my mom. An amazing artist (not that I’m biased) and an even more amazing friend and mother.

The original “Dae” is better known to me as GG. She is my Grandmother and “GG” is short for “Goofy Grandma,” a name which she proudly assigned to herself and I proudly call her that to this day!

UPDATE: Sadly, on October 26, 2010 GG passed away, peacefully at her home. She will be missed terribly, but she will remain forever in my heart.

my lovely GG

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I’m joining the masses!

How long has blogging been around? And yes, I’m just getting on board. Technically I have had about 4 other blogs, but they never became much of anything (I think I posted a total of 6 times).

So with a new year, and a bunch of new ideas, ambitions, and goals, I have decided to bite the bullet and join the masses. I intend to use this as a way to connect with people who are, well like me! 🙂 People who appreciate good design, useful tools, and unique thoughts. I hope to inspire myself and perhaps a few others in the process.

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