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Cheeky Office Supplies

Whether you work in a less than exciting environment or you simply have a great sense of humor, these somewhat bold office supplies can come in handy. These items would make excellent gifts for a co-worker or of course yourself. Click on the links to get a closer look or to purchase. *Please note: These are simply items that I came across online and wanted to share with you. I am not being compensated in any way.*

cheeky office supplies

  1. “Thanks for Being” stamp from The Paper Source – Lets you then check off your choice of:   You      An A**hole    or     Both.
    Appropriate for many occasions, don’t you think?
  2. “WTF” stamp, from The Paper Source – Punctuation options of:     “!”    “?”    or    “!?”
  3. “Stuff” file folders from Knock Knock – Why shouldn’t filing be fun? This set includes the shown “stuff” folder as well as “Bills to: Pay on Time; Pay Late; or Default On,” and “Documents: Important; Worthless; Forged.”
  4. “To Do” file folders, also from Knock Knock – bring some honesty to your filing process. This set includes the “To Do” folders shown, as well as: “To Ponder: In My Spare Time; Truly, Madly, Deeply; Under Duress; Under My Pillow; When Pigs Are Flying.” and “To File: Immediately; Under Lock and Key; By Somebody Else; In the Round File; In a Big Pile.”
  5. “Useless” file folders from Knock Knock – call files like they really are! This set also includes: “Papers to Shuffle Endlessly Thereby Accomplishing Nothing.” and “Stuff to Hide From Boss, Spouse, or Otherwise NOSY Individual.”
  6. &  7. “Holy Crap & Sh!t erasers” from The Paper Source – These words tend to find there way into my vocabulary when I make a mistake…let’s be honest here.

Have you come across some humorous office supplies? Share them with us in the comments below!


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