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New year, new wallpaper

Once again, Smashing Magazine has put together some lovely desktop wallpapers for us to download and admire. I have chosen my favorites to start the new year off right.

Click on the photo to download them for yourself, and see the other designs as well.


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non-mushy lovin’

I’ve never been into hearts, pink, or mushy things…but every once in a while I will see something “love” related and think “ahh…that’s nice.” Usually it has to be non-glittery, have a vintagy feel, perhaps be a bit quirky, or be slightly rustic in it’s own way.

Anywhoo… here are a few Valentine’s Day/Love inspired things that caught my eye and met my non-mush approval.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Sources, left to right: I Love You, in Binary Code – $10; two recycled wooden LOVE signs, painted to order – $42 each; Love What You Do print – $14.95; “Soldiers Goodbye & Bobbie the Cat”, 1945 – via Flickr.

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Friday wish list from Etsy and Supermarket

I’ve decided that I absolutely want need these things!

From one of the favorites, Etsy, and one of my newly discovered favorites…Supermarket!

Sources: Vintage large gas station number 3; Organic eco-portable laptop bag (even though I don’t have a laptop yet… I will someday and I’ll want this bag!); Vintage Art Deco metal sign letters; Anna Mix Necklace.

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Favorite Etsy find of the day

Scouring through Etsy.com tonight and I fell in love with this print. Need I say more?

Purchase it for yourself (or for me) here.

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Architecturally interesting… cat houses

I came across this fantastic website (fantastic if you’re a cat lover), ModernCat.net where they featured a room with catwalks…for cats. This inspired me to look around online for more architecturally interesting cat houses.

Someday kitties…someday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sources: Jayne’s DIY Kitty Playspace from Moderncat.net; Light and Airy Cat Room; The Cat’s House; Handmade Toast Cat Home; Handmade Cat House; Corrugated Cardboard Cat Cabin; Hepper Pod Pet Bed

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Calendars, art, and desktop wallpaper?

Each month for almost two years now, Smashing Magazine puts together some fantastic (and free) desktop calendar wallpapers. Created by talented artists from all over the world, Smashing Magazine selects some of the best entries and features them on their site, for free download. A little bit of loveliness and organization to add to our desktops, what more could one ask for?

Here are a few of my favorites from February. Click on the images to visit Smashing Magazine, see all the options, and download one for yourself.

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Stylish Tape Dispensers?

I am not sure why I have become obsessed with tape dispensers lately, perhaps it’s because the one I have is oh-so boring. Turns out there are many lovely, well designed, “designer,” tape dispensers out there–it just took some searching to find them.

FORTUNE magazine even wrote a short piece,  “Poppin.com: Bringing Style to Tape Dispensers,” in the February, 2011 issue. So far, Poppin.com isn’t up and running yet, but they’ll take your email and let you know when they’re ready.

Glad to know I’m not the only one thinking about this! Check out some truly stylish tape dispensers below.

images of designer tape dispensers

1) Cassette Tape, Tape Dispenser from J-me.co.uk, $20 – Very cool, but it makes me said to think that so many kids may not truly appreciate this since they may have NEVER seen an actual cassette tape before! Hmm…make me feel slightly old.

2) Heavy Weight Tape Dispenser from SeeJaneWork.com, $40 – Love the utilitarian-ness of this; plus it’s very functional.

3) Silver Tape Dispenser from SeeJaneWork.com, $30 – For the luxe desk space, very chic.

4) One Hand Tape Dispenser from CanoeOnline.net, $125 *gasp* – I do love the style of this, although for some reason I think my cats would a) bite on the the tall part and b) attack and then stick to the tape sticking up.

5) Stickit Tape Dispenser, from MomaStore.org, $20 – Not only do I love this because it’s orange, I love it because it makes sense. Allow me to explain why they named it the way they did. It has a sticky polyurethane gel base which secures it to any surface so it stays put when dispensing tape. Bonus: it doesn’t leave a sticky reside behind. Genius.

6) Electronic Tape Dispenser, from LincolnStationers.com, $29.50 – For the kid in all of us! It reminds me of those Kinnect things. So fun, I wonder how well it really works?

7) Choco Tape Dispenser, from MomaStore.org, $28.95 – Made of Walnut, this definately should have been included in my “wooden wish list.” Bonus: It comes with one roll of patterned Japanese washi paper tape.

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Favorite Sites to Visit

I love love love finding a good blog or website! Over time I have put together a list of just a few of my favorite sties. I hope you enjoy!


Food Gawker
Warning: this site will have you drooling. Combining food, photography AND recipes. Figure out what to cook based on what looks good…genius.


Most everyone is familiar with etsy.com…but it’s still a favorite. Handmade goods from crafters around the globe. I have SO many wants from this site.

Renegade Handmade
Another fantastic place to purchase handmade goodies. From jewelry to paper goods, it’s all good stuff.

The Curiosity Shoppe
The brain child of Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom, a lovely and strange little shop full of wonderful finds. *They are living my dream!*

For Fun

Netted by the Webbys
Daily email that will direct you to some very cool, or as they say “unmissable” sites, apps and online stuff that make life better.

Clients From Hell
Pretty self explanatory. Hey, designers need to vent too!

Free Mahjong
It’s just a fun distraction and something to take the edge off. I’m going to warn you though… it’s addicting.

The Style Test
A fun little visual style test.


Design Sponge
A daily website dedicated to home and product design run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. This is yet another blog that makes me salivate. *a little secret I’ll share with you…I hope to someday be a contributor to Design Sponge*

How About Orange
The blog of Jessica Jones, a graphic and textile designer. This is one of my favorite blogs of all time. I have literally caught myself squealing with excitement when I get an update in my inbox.

Prickly Pear Bloom
A fellow blogger and visual artist, Tracy Harris. I could (and have) spend hours paging through her blog.

Tin Eye
Ever have an image but can’t find the source? Allow me to introduce you to Tin Eye, a reverse image search engine.

Print your own custom designs on fabric! How cool is that?!

Blue Vertigo
A GIANT database of links! From free stock images to fonts and even sounds! A must have bookmark for any designer.

All Graphic Design
A blog which focuses on web and graphic design. Articles range from career and educational advice, info about design software, lists of resources and tools…basically all information that graphic designers would find interesting.

Graphic Design Blender
“The best business tips for graphic and web designers.”

Designers Tool Box
From envelope sizes to binding styles, find a plethora of printing and web layout resources.

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A Wooden Wish list

I’ve become slightly obsessed with wooden objects. I love the color, feel, and the stability of the material. Take a look at my wooden wish list below.

wooden wish list

1) Wooden Elephant – Sculpted wooden animals, made entirely by hand. $22-$40

2) Wooden USB stick – Made to stand out against its natural environment of computers and offices. The sticks are picked from the woods and are manually selected on their natural beauty, professionally handmade into unique and personal USB sticks. (2Gb) $59

3) Magnifying Glass – Handcrafted from reclaimed wood. $25

4) Secret branch box – Teak branch sections with interior compartments and swivel-hinge lids (no hardware!). $10-$15

5) Wooden Stapler – Finely crafted out of solid wood that has been polished to a silky sheen, striking the perfect balance between punchy heft and refined tactile feel. $24

6) Wood grain metal toolbox – Brings a whole new approach to the toolboxing experience, perfect for arts and crafts, gardening and for tools in general of course. $60

7) Wooden Flashlight – Gorgeous enough to display front-and-center in any room of your home. And with its handy glow-in-the-dark power button, you’ll have no trouble grabbing it next time the power goes out. Made of new-growth beech wood. $50

8) Working Wooden Radio – Yes! It really works! Not only can you pick up AM, FM, and shortwave stations, but it also comes with a darling wood-tipped adapter so you can rock out with your iPod as well. Made from naturally harvested, new-growth wood and handcrafted in an Indonesian farming village. $275 – *slightly pricy, but it is really cool*

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Vintage USA , Orange

Vintagy USA Avacado

In honor of how awesome the USA is preforming at the 2010 Olympics, I decided to share my Vintagy USA poster prints.  The original is a whopping 22×28, since I think maps should be big. It can be printed smaller though. More colors to come.

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