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If I were more organized, I would be a better person…

This is a phrase that I often hear that little voice inside my head uttering. When I look at a pile of mail, stack of magazines, stuff that needs to be put away, this is what I hear.

Why am I convinced that I would be a better person? Because clutter and disorganization makes me irritable. I get frustrated because I can’t find things. Right now I can’t find a spa gift certificate – ironically that is the very thing that could relax me. I swear that I just saw it…about a month ago…right there.

So what is my block…why don’t I just up and organize myself to avoid all the frustration? I need the right tools to get organized. I need the right containers, files, boxes, etc. I’m in what seems like an endless search for the perfect tools.

I’m going to start filing (here) when I find just the right thing. Then slowly I will purchase them, and eventually I will be a better (and more organized) person.

What are your favorite tools for staying organized?


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Stylish Tape Dispensers?

I am not sure why I have become obsessed with tape dispensers lately, perhaps it’s because the one I have is oh-so boring. Turns out there are many lovely, well designed, “designer,” tape dispensers out there–it just took some searching to find them.

FORTUNE magazine even wrote a short piece,  “Poppin.com: Bringing Style to Tape Dispensers,” in the February, 2011 issue. So far, Poppin.com isn’t up and running yet, but they’ll take your email and let you know when they’re ready.

Glad to know I’m not the only one thinking about this! Check out some truly stylish tape dispensers below.

images of designer tape dispensers

1) Cassette Tape, Tape Dispenser from J-me.co.uk, $20 – Very cool, but it makes me said to think that so many kids may not truly appreciate this since they may have NEVER seen an actual cassette tape before! Hmm…make me feel slightly old.

2) Heavy Weight Tape Dispenser from SeeJaneWork.com, $40 – Love the utilitarian-ness of this; plus it’s very functional.

3) Silver Tape Dispenser from SeeJaneWork.com, $30 – For the luxe desk space, very chic.

4) One Hand Tape Dispenser from CanoeOnline.net, $125 *gasp* – I do love the style of this, although for some reason I think my cats would a) bite on the the tall part and b) attack and then stick to the tape sticking up.

5) Stickit Tape Dispenser, from MomaStore.org, $20 – Not only do I love this because it’s orange, I love it because it makes sense. Allow me to explain why they named it the way they did. It has a sticky polyurethane gel base which secures it to any surface so it stays put when dispensing tape. Bonus: it doesn’t leave a sticky reside behind. Genius.

6) Electronic Tape Dispenser, from LincolnStationers.com, $29.50 – For the kid in all of us! It reminds me of those Kinnect things. So fun, I wonder how well it really works?

7) Choco Tape Dispenser, from MomaStore.org, $28.95 – Made of Walnut, this definately should have been included in my “wooden wish list.” Bonus: It comes with one roll of patterned Japanese washi paper tape.

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Cheeky Office Supplies

Whether you work in a less than exciting environment or you simply have a great sense of humor, these somewhat bold office supplies can come in handy. These items would make excellent gifts for a co-worker or of course yourself. Click on the links to get a closer look or to purchase. *Please note: These are simply items that I came across online and wanted to share with you. I am not being compensated in any way.*

cheeky office supplies

  1. “Thanks for Being” stamp from The Paper Source – Lets you then check off your choice of:   You      An A**hole    or     Both.
    Appropriate for many occasions, don’t you think?
  2. “WTF” stamp, from The Paper Source – Punctuation options of:     “!”    “?”    or    “!?”
  3. “Stuff” file folders from Knock Knock – Why shouldn’t filing be fun? This set includes the shown “stuff” folder as well as “Bills to: Pay on Time; Pay Late; or Default On,” and “Documents: Important; Worthless; Forged.”
  4. “To Do” file folders, also from Knock Knock – bring some honesty to your filing process. This set includes the “To Do” folders shown, as well as: “To Ponder: In My Spare Time; Truly, Madly, Deeply; Under Duress; Under My Pillow; When Pigs Are Flying.” and “To File: Immediately; Under Lock and Key; By Somebody Else; In the Round File; In a Big Pile.”
  5. “Useless” file folders from Knock Knock – call files like they really are! This set also includes: “Papers to Shuffle Endlessly Thereby Accomplishing Nothing.” and “Stuff to Hide From Boss, Spouse, or Otherwise NOSY Individual.”
  6. &  7. “Holy Crap & Sh!t erasers” from The Paper Source – These words tend to find there way into my vocabulary when I make a mistake…let’s be honest here.

Have you come across some humorous office supplies? Share them with us in the comments below!

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