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non-mushy lovin’

I’ve never been into hearts, pink, or mushy things…but every once in a while I will see something “love” related and think “ahh…that’s nice.” Usually it has to be non-glittery, have a vintagy feel, perhaps be a bit quirky, or be slightly rustic in it’s own way.

Anywhoo… here are a few Valentine’s Day/Love inspired things that caught my eye and met my non-mush approval.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Sources, left to right: I Love You, in Binary Code – $10; two recycled wooden LOVE signs, painted to order – $42 each; Love What You Do print – $14.95; “Soldiers Goodbye & Bobbie the Cat”, 1945 – via Flickr.


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Friday wish list from Etsy and Supermarket

I’ve decided that I absolutely want need these things!

From one of the favorites, Etsy, and one of my newly discovered favorites…Supermarket!

Sources: Vintage large gas station number 3; Organic eco-portable laptop bag (even though I don’t have a laptop yet… I will someday and I’ll want this bag!); Vintage Art Deco metal sign letters; Anna Mix Necklace.

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Favorite Etsy find of the day

Scouring through Etsy.com tonight and I fell in love with this print. Need I say more?

Purchase it for yourself (or for me) here.

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A Wooden Wish list

I’ve become slightly obsessed with wooden objects. I love the color, feel, and the stability of the material. Take a look at my wooden wish list below.

wooden wish list

1) Wooden Elephant – Sculpted wooden animals, made entirely by hand. $22-$40

2) Wooden USB stick – Made to stand out against its natural environment of computers and offices. The sticks are picked from the woods and are manually selected on their natural beauty, professionally handmade into unique and personal USB sticks. (2Gb) $59

3) Magnifying Glass – Handcrafted from reclaimed wood. $25

4) Secret branch box – Teak branch sections with interior compartments and swivel-hinge lids (no hardware!). $10-$15

5) Wooden Stapler – Finely crafted out of solid wood that has been polished to a silky sheen, striking the perfect balance between punchy heft and refined tactile feel. $24

6) Wood grain metal toolbox – Brings a whole new approach to the toolboxing experience, perfect for arts and crafts, gardening and for tools in general of course. $60

7) Wooden Flashlight – Gorgeous enough to display front-and-center in any room of your home. And with its handy glow-in-the-dark power button, you’ll have no trouble grabbing it next time the power goes out. Made of new-growth beech wood. $50

8) Working Wooden Radio – Yes! It really works! Not only can you pick up AM, FM, and shortwave stations, but it also comes with a darling wood-tipped adapter so you can rock out with your iPod as well. Made from naturally harvested, new-growth wood and handcrafted in an Indonesian farming village. $275 – *slightly pricy, but it is really cool*

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Home Office Inspiration

Lately I’ve been thinking “Perhaps I’m not getting any work done because I’m not feeling inspired in my new home office surroundings.” (*Note: Yes, I am aware that this is simply an excuse for not being productive. I am OK with that.) So I decided to get inspired by other peoples home offices. Below are photos that I found (via Flickr and apartment therapy) of some home offices that I wish were mine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Wish List for the studio

Studio  Wish list 1

1)   Filex File Folders (set of 6)- $10, from See Jane Work

2)   Thomas Paul File Folders (set of 9) – $12, from See Jane Work

3)   See Jane Work Basics Art Box (Measures 3 1/2″ high x 11 3/4″ wide x 18 3/4″ long) – $12, from See Jane Work

4)   Page Flags (The set includes 375 page markers in five different designs, 75 per design) – $4.50, from See Jane Work

5)   Moonbeam Clock – $39.50, from L.L. Bean

6)   Semikolon Magazine Box – $18 each, from See Jane Work

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